GCSE (9-1) Foundation or Higher
Functional Skills Entry Level 1-3



  • Learn all times tables to 12x12 off by heart if you can
  • Use Mathswatch or Freckle to help you master skills that you are learning in lessons. This will help reinforce the learning and embed it into your long term memory.
  • Stick post it notes on your bedroom/bathroom/ kitchen wall with key facts
  • e.g. times tables and related division facts
  • The names of different triangles or polygons
  • Fraction, decimal & % equivalents
  • Check your Mathswatch or Freckle account regularly for work set by your teacher and keep up to date with revision tasks
  • Ask your teacher for help if you found a lesson confusing – don’t let gaps develop in your knowledge!
  • Practise exam questions


Topmarks is great for times tables!