At Glebe you are entitled to receive a planned programme of career education, information, advice and guidance that is impartial and independent. This will help prepare you for the world of work and help you to lead an independent life.

Glebe is currently applying for re-accreditation of the Quality in Careers Standard. Our senior leader with overall responsibility for CEIAG in school is Mrs Marianne Roger-Weetman and our nominated careers leader is Mrs Anne Woolsey. Progress will be reviewed at leadership meetings and periodic reports made to the governing board.


You can expect:

  • Support from a personal tutor who knows you and can help you to get the help you need
  • A high quality programme of careers education lessons
  • Careers education, information, advice and guidance about your learning, linking to all curriculum areas
  • To be given the opportunity to feedback/discuss how well you think your careers lessons have helped you to prepare for the future
  • An impartial careers interview in Year 9
  • A written careers action plan for the future

By the end of Key Stage 3 you will have:

  • Completed a series of career modules as part of your PSHCE programme
  • Attended an interview with the school’s careers lead
  • Attended a New Choices Evening with your parents/carers
  • Had a Transitional Review with the local authority/school/updating your EHCP
  • Early career vision
  • Discussed discrimination in the work place
  • Taken part in an enterprise activity

By the end of Key Stage 3 you will be able to:

  • Describe your personal qualities and skills
  • Describe how you like to learn
  • Recognise the different skills you are developing in each curriculum area
  • Use computer programmes and internet to research future careers choices and criteria needed
  • Explain what careers you are interested in and which option choices will help you to reach your goals.
  • Follow the school options process
  • Describe the different levels of qualifications that are available
  • Explain what the word stereotype means and give one example of stereotyping in jobs.
  • Understand that having a stereotypical view about people might limit your own career and learning option.
  • Explored emotional coaching through iHeart
  • Early Career vision
  • Learning from career and labour market information


By the end of Key Stage 4 you will have:

  • Taken part in an interview with the WEX coordinator to make choices about your work experience.
  • Been on a work experience placement for two weeks
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Evaluated you WEX placement
  • Taken part in activities to enable you to work with Glebe school business partners.
  • Preparation of your curriculum vitae, an application form and attended a mock interview with Waitrose staff
  • Received support and guidance to apply for a place at local further education colleges for SEN and main stream courses. This is achieved by completing an application form attending an assessment and learning interviews techniques
  • Attended a Friday morning college link course throughout Year 11
  • Had a Transitional Review with the local authority/school updating your EHCP
  • Attended Skills London
  • Peer Mentoring training
  • Mock interviews
  • Have an understanding of personal finances and money management

By the end of Key Stage 5 you will have: 

  • Been given the opportunity to take part in various volunteering schemes
  • Been given help and support to apply for college/work training schemes/apprenticeships.
  • Received support and guidance to apply for a place at local further education colleges, through completing an application form attending an assessment and learning interviews techniques
  • Attended a link course at Bromley College
  • Completed Employability Skills courses
  • Attended Skills London
  • Attended Next Steps Event
  • Had a Transitional Review/interview with the local authority



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