Glebe Safeguarding Procedures


Briefing takes place daily with all staff, where the pastoral & safeguarding bulletins are discussed (on a need to know & information sharing basis), so that staff have an awareness and are able to support pupils accordingly.



In order to keep pupils safe, we have a Duty rota where staff are scheduled daily to oversee pupils during unstructured times throughout the day.

This includes:

  • Breakfast Club (Pupil Pedestrian Gate & in the breakfast room)
  • Pupil Arrivals (Bus Area/Pupil Reception, Pupil Pedestrian Gate & throughout the building)
  • Break (All outside areas & inside corridors)
  • Lunch (All outside areas & inside corridors)
  • Lunch Clubs (staffing at each club)
  • School Departures (Bus Area/Pupil Reception, Pupil Pedestrian Gate)


Safeguarding for School Premises:

Making sure the Premises is safe for students, staff and Visitors at all times by;

  • Checking that all gates and entrances into the school building are locked as necessary
  • Checking of Documentation is correct especially for Contractors, DBS, ID, Paperwork from company backing up any works being carried out
  • Fire protection devices are in working order and checked on a regular basis and documented, i.e. Fire Alarm, Fire extinguishers
  • Intruder alarms are checked and documented on a regular basis
  • All lighting is in good working order and suitable for the conditions being used
  • Signage is correctly used informing Students, Staff and Visitors of escape routes and general information about the school
  • That all corridors and fire doors are kept clear at all times
  • Making sure that all furniture is in good condition


Recording & Reporting Pupil Concerns


Glebe School staff report & record any pupil safeguarding & wellbeing concerns using CPOMS (Child Protection Online Management system).


  • Any information reported is shared instantly with the Designated Safeguard Lead verbally and reported on the CPOMS platform.
  • The DSL will inform the member of staff of any action taken and any updates as necessary. Often, these concerns are resolved, in partnership with parents/carers, to ensure that the right support is put in place for the pupil.

Our Process for reporting is as follows:


Working Together & Information Sharing with Agencies:

We have a duty to report any concerns about a child’s wellbeing to the relevant agencies and will information share, complete reports and attend meetings with agency colleagues. These include: Social Care/MASH Team, Complex Needs Team, Police, Health, CAMHS, other schools who have siblings, the NSPCC, Virtual Schools and post adoption agencies.
We always aim to work with our parents/carers at Glebe. Parents should, however, be aware that on some occasions as a school, we are informed that we cannot share information with parents after a pupil disclosure and in this situation, Social Care and the Police will lead on action taken and make contact with parents directly. We will always prioritise the welfare and needs of our pupils at Glebe.


Pupil Assessment:

When our Designated Safeguarding Leads form a judgement about the disclosure or a situation a pupil may find themselves in, such as those outlined on the Safeguarding and our Pupils page, factors on the London Borough of Bromley Assessment Triangle are key.


Information regarding the Bromley Threshold of Need can be found below:

Threshold of Need


Useful Contacts:

Bromley Children's Referral and Assessment team
When the school is closed, or if you have any concerns about a child at any time, you can contact the MASH team who will investigate and decide on the best course of action.

020 8461 7373
020 8461 7309
Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley, BR1 3UH


Bromley Childrens Safeguarding Partnership:


Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) Managing allegations against adults:

Gemma Taylor
020 8461 7775



You can read more on child abuse at
Whatever your worry - call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000 8am - 10pm Monday to Friday, and 9am - 6pm at the weekends.