Mindfulness is a strategy used for emotional regulation, to increase attention skills and focus and to decrease anxiety. These recordings are little activities which focus on sensory awareness, gratitude and taking time to relax - if you or your child finds it difficult to sit still and 'meditate' that's perfectly fine, there is no pressure to 'succeed'.

Mindfulness is simply noticing what is happening right now, paying attention to sensations within the body, and noting how these make you feel. Whatever happens is okay, if you feel frustrated by the activities or only manage to do a little bit of it, that's normal and recognising that you feel that way is mindful.

These sessions are intended to be used only when the person wants to do it and so should not be forced. The Body Scan is the first session.

Some good talking points after an activity are:

How do you feel? Did it make you feel a little calmer?

When would you like to be able to feel like this?

Would you like to try it again some time?

When do you think this could help you?


There are lots of mindfulness meditations on YouTube, such as Peace Out Cosmic Kids if you would like to try yourselves.



The Body Scan

Washing Your Hands Mindfully

Happy Memories

Brain Break

Mindful walking

Mindful Social Media

Colour Breathing



Year 11 Exam Workshop


This video shows you how to get help if you are worried about online abuse but do not have an adult you feel you can talk to about it.