Safeguarding and Our Curriculum

Safeguarding and Our Curriculum

At Glebe, safeguarding is embedded within our curriculum and culture, not only in lessons, but within our wider curriculum, daily routines, language and conversations. Our pupils, are taught how to stay safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their safety at school and within the community. Through this, we ensure a caring, safe, secure and inclusive environment, so that pupils are happy, confident, achieve their best, make a successful transition into adulthood and lead fulfilling lives.

Our broad and balanced curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills that significantly impacts personal development, behaviour and welfare; physical and mental well-being, to support safeguarding themselves. We encourage pupils to ask questions, share their concerns and reflect on their thoughts.

There are many opportunities throughout our learning in our curriculum to explore safeguarding issues, for example through Tutor Time, Assemblies, Pastoral Team conversations and in lessons. We are mindful of the needs of our pupils therefore are considerate in the delivery of all information. Topics we cover include:

  • Exploring values, personal rights, responsibilities and equal opportunities, that develop moral concepts that impact positively on safeguarding, promote British values and prevent radicalisation and extremism
  • Road and rail safety (including out of school visits, bike-ability, work with police officers in the community)
  • Visits to school from medical staff; NHS Nurse, Hearing Impairment Team
  • Visitors from charities such as the BRECK Foundation
  • Work from local voluntary sector services particularly around safe transition to F.E Colleges such as ‘Impact Factor Day’ E.g Fire Awareness (including visits from the local Fire Service, Police
  • Child Exploitation: Gangs, County Lines; (drug/knife crime), Sexual
  • Our visits and experiences incorporate 'Stranger Danger', being safe in the outdoors, what to do if??
  • E-Safety: staying safe on line and E-Safety Champions in school, safe use of technology including password security and privacy settings
  • Any current issues happening in school, discussed with groups of pupils, eg staying safe online, grooming, county lines, sharing nudes
  • Safe use of technology including password security and privacy settings
  • The promotion of equality of opportunity and diversity, for pupils to prevent discrimination and not tolerating any prejudiced behaviour
  • Behaviour for learning in and out of the classroom and exhibiting good learning behaviours. Reminder that class times are a time for sharing ideas, addressing concerns, and promoting important values
  • Time is taken at the beginning of every new school year to reaffirm school values, expectations, and rules for being part of Glebe School. This good start to the year, with everyone clear about their roles and responsibilities, sets the tone for the rest of the year and leads to excellent safeguarding outcomes
  • Assemblies are used to promote personal safeguarding matters and explore themes. For example, we talk about anti- bullying including cyber bullying and British values.
  • Our school reflects the diversity of pupils’ experiences and provides pupils with a comprehensive understanding of people and communities beyond their immediate experience including the role of women in society and different family groups including same-sex couples
  • Throughout the curriculum, there are planned opportunities to promote all forms of equality and foster greater understanding of and respect for people of all faiths (and those with no faith), races, genders, ages, disabilities, and sexual orientations, through their words, actions and in their influence 

To download a copy of the Safeguarding in our Curriculum map, click HERE

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Safeguarding in Curriculum Lessons

Opportunities are created in a variety of subjects to address areas of safeguarding. To see examples of more detailed information on how we do this, please see links below (the list is not exhaustive of all subjects).


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