Summer School

Summer schools Funding 2021


What is the Summer schools programme?
The summer schools programme was set up in response to the impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had on pupils learning. The aim of the Summer schools programme was to provide pupils with academic education and enrichment activities in order to mitigate the impact of lost learning, particularly with regard to reading and mathematics.
At Glebe School we aimed to ensure that our summer school programme was used by the pupils who would benefit most. In addition to providing support with English and maths, the funding was used to improve our summer school programme, which offered an opportunity for pupils to enhance their learning and wellbeing through a range of activities, including team, music, drama and sports activities.
Each day students attended assembly and took part in a variety of warm up activities (dance, yoga, sensory circuits) at the start of the day to ensure they were all aware of the timetable for the day, settled and ready to learn.
During Summer School all students had one English, maths and science lesson every day in the morning and took part in a variety of enrichment activities every afternoon. All students also greatly enjoyed our trip to Sparrows Den where they played mini golf.


School details

Name of school:
Glebe School
School type:
Secondary Special School
Total number of pupils:
Pupils eligible for FSM:
Number of pupils who attended:
Total number of absent pupils:
Dates the summer school took place:
4 - 13 August 2021
Number of days offered to pupils:
Year group(s) which attended:
Year 6 transitioning to Year 7


Allocated funding

Amount of funding claimed:
Total funding received:
Funding received per pupil:
Amount of funding spent:
Amount of funding left unspent:
[If applicable] Overpayment:






Summary of spending

The funding enabled the school to:

  • Provide quality enrichment activities that benefitted pupils’ reading skills.
  • Provide activities that some pupils’ parents might not have been able to offer.
  • Ensure the pupil to staff ratio was appropriate for the successful delivery of the programme.
  • Provide healthy and nutritious meals to those pupils who opted for a school lunch whilst attending.

Record of spending to deliver the summer schools programme

Item or project


Intended impact


Teacher salaries

(Paid on their usual daily rate)


We employed qualified experienced  Year 7 prospective teachers, to deliver high quality broad and balanced curriculum

  • Literacy and numeracy skills improvement

  • Opportunities for enrichment activities

  • Familiarity with new school routine

  • Building relationships with their new teachers

Support staff salaries

(Paid an agreed sessional rate of pay)


Full range of support staff to safeguard pupils’ wellbeing, medical needs and classroom support including IT support and admin cover for parental support.

  • Educational improvement

  • Opportunities for enrichment activities

  • Familiarity with new school routine

  • Building relationships with their new members of staff

  • Pupils’ safeguarded and secure in their new learning environment

  • Medical needs of students have been met

Food for pupil lunches


To provide a nutritious and healthy lunch for those that needed the provision

  • Energy levels maintained and pupils able to focus on their learning.

  • Opportunities to learn new food

Educational resources


Provision to provide a broad and balanced curriculum including enrichment activities to promote independent living skills and wellbeing

  • Interesting lessons with opportunities for hands on learning e.g art, drama and food technology

  • Small rewards provided to recognise pupil engagement


School trip


For pupils to further build relationships with their peers and school staff outside of the school environment

  • All pupils attended and enjoyed the activities

  • Improvement and support of building new social skills

  • Ability to follow instructions and behave appropriately

  • Able to cross the road safely under staff supervision


Parental Feedback

100% of parents who provided feedback:

  • thought their child enjoyed attending summer school and attending summer school has helped their child with transition and had a positive impact on their child’s wellbeing;
  • Indicated that their child liked and enjoyed the activities offered;
  • Stated that they would recommend our summer school to other parents of Glebe School students.

Other comments from parents:

“We think the summer school was a huge success”

“All staff were very friendly and helpful”

“This was such a great opportunity for my child as I feel it has helped to relax them by taking away the initial anxiety that children experience during their first week in secondary school”

“My son had an amazing 8 days.  His confidence has grown so much and he has come out of summer school full of smiles”



Date published:
31st October 2021
Lisa Exford
Job title:
Chief Financial Officer







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