Tutor Time

  • Regular check ins with pupils if looking upset/acting differently. e.g. pupil arriving to class looking upset due to allegations made by another pupil
  • Pupils can discuss relationship issues with their form tutor
  • Regular check ins with pupils following incidents
  • Form tutors strive for close relationships with parents. This allows the school to get context on behaviour on a regular basis, 
  • Stopping pupils talking about other pupils in class to de-escalate any issues and promote good relationships
  • Encouraging pupils to see things from all angles and promote healthy relationships/friendships
  • Regular lessons on mental health and managing difficult feelings in anxiety in Tutor time
  • Art/music therapy give pupils opportunity to be creative and explore thoughts and feelings
  • Regular check ins with pupils if looking upset / acting any differently
  • Regular counselling for identified pupils
  • Regular social/friendships group sessions
  • Close liaison with HOY so that any issues may be addressed as soon as possible
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