Food Tech

  • Knives – both sharp and butter knives are locked in a cabinet in the Food Tech office and counted in and out when needed
  • Knife use – procedures are adapted to suit specific students or groups e.g. minimise use, change recipes to avoid use, 1:1 staff support, removal of knives immediately after use
  • Knife use outside Food Tech – knives requested by staff outside the department have to be signed out and in and it is the responsibility of those staff to keep the knife in their possession at all times until return
  • Inappropriate behaviour with sharps – any dangerous or inappropriate behaviour with sharps is immediately reported to tutors/HOYs and safeguard lead
  • Risk Assessment – any worrying behaviour around safety (sharps in particular) trigger a risk assessment which is shared with DSL/tutor/HOY/other Technology staff
  • Safety in the Kitchen - Intensive training is given to all students about safety awareness with procedures and equipment and is reinforced every lesson
  • Staff check CPom reports daily for any concerns which could impact on Food tech lessons. Lessons are then adapted accordingly.
  • Lessons begin after either break or lunch when incidents may have occurred. Staff check student wellbeing as they arrive to the lesson and offer support when needed. Any issues are addressed as a priority before any cooking begins
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