Core Subjects


  • A range of themes in the texts students study give them the opportunity to learn about different values and ways of life and to take part in discussions around a range of topics that might affect them directly or indirectly
  • Roleplaying, allowing students to try see things from someone else's point of view
  • Texts studied in class give rise to opportunities to discuss safeguarding issues such as healthy relationships,¬†domestic issues, road safety, homelessness
  • Online safety - students only use pre-approved websites when completing ICT tasks
  • Environment of classroom/health and safety - minimal displays (low stimulus environment for sensory sensitive students), equipment stored clearly and neatly, students expected to put away/clean equipment aafter use, chairs always tucked in and desk layout kept the same (ensures safety for VI students)



  • Personal safety - addressing money vulnerability through improved money sense and an understanding of budgeting
  • Developing children's security and feeling of safety - encouraging safe risk taking with answers and approaches - developing a sense that there is more than one way to approach a problem in life and it's ok to make mistakes and get things wrong. Making mistakes doesn't have to define our choices or future opportunities.
  • Have conversations with students when they suggest making unsafe choices - Some students say that the best way to make money is to steal. Discuss how maths can support students in the future to them keep safe and make good career choices?
  • offer students support if struggling with emotions during lessons.
  • keep updated with reports from SLT or HOY regarding issues with students and take this into consideration in lessons.



  • Ensure students are aware of safe working in a lab
  • Encourage a culture of safety as a group responsibility - ie pupils are responsible for their own Bunsen burner, but if you see someone behaving dangerously in the lab you have a duty to report it
  • Discussing issues such as pressure and consent during reproduction lessons to give pupils an opportunity to ask questions in a related topic
  • Safety lessons given before lab work starts. At the start of each lab lesson hazards and risks are discussed to make students aware of dangers and encourage a lab culture of considering hazards and acting sensibly to protect themselves each other and equipment
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