6th Form

Tutor Time Texts

Through our texts we've had conversations around a number of sensitive topics such as:

  • Domestic abuse (Noughts and Crosses)
  • Peer on peer abuse (Noughts and Crosses, The Hate U Give)
  • Abuse of power (The Hate U Give)
  • Discrimination such as towards disability (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time), race (Noughts and Crosses, The Hate U Give), xenophobia (Long Walk to Water), and gender (The Girl of Ink and Stars)
  • Relationships, both sexual (Noughts and Crosses) and familial (The Hate U Give) including family breakdowns and affairs (Curious Incident)
  • Radicalisation (Long Walk to Water)
  • Drugs, alcohol, internet safety, media bias and grooming/county lines (The Hate U Give)


  • Across other texts students have studied we've looked at gang culture (The Outsiders), abuse of power (Lord of the Flies, The Giver) and immigration


  • Personal safety - addressing money vulnerability through improved money sense and an understanding of budgeting


  • Well-being - how to stay fit and healthy, what to eat and how exercise helps your mental health


  • Personal safety in the home - cooking, safely using cleaning products, community awareness, safe travel


  • SRE, safety in the home - fire safety, stranger danger

Challenge Award Scheme

  • Well-being and keeping self safe - our new reward scheme aims to develop independence and awareness of own safeguarding and responsibilities

BTEC Sport

  • Well-being, personal safety and consent - how to stay safe during exercise, how to support others and help them physically (asking consent to help them and appropriate touch when coaching i.e. moving a hand etc.)


  • Democracy, rights and responsibilities - interviewed Lord Paddick to ask questions about how he helps women stay safe on the street, what the government do for disabled people etc. We had a workshop with parliament about voting.
  • Safety in the home - visit from the London Fire Brigade to talk about fire safety and we visited the fire station too.
  • Health and safety - talk from Thames water about water suitability, safety and cost.

DT & DofE

  • health and safety - have to regularly readdress personal responsibility and importance of safeguarding others, not just ourselves
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