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School reopens Tuesday 6th

Dear Parents/Carers,
 We are going to attempt to reopen tomorrow, Tuesday 6th March, although the site is far from ideal.
 In the original building we have no heat, electricity or water but as the weather is milder I am hopeful that we can manage for a day or two.  Staff have worked hard today to make the classrooms usable so we should be fine in that respect.  Obviously there is no computer access as yet and this may take longer given that they need to be checked for water damage, so students’ learning will be very different in some subject areas.
 School lunches will also be different with no hot food available on Tuesday.  Instead there will be sandwiches or pasta pots.
 My only other concern is that our usual telephone number is offline due to the power/IT outage.  We are temporarily using 020 8777 5572 as our contact number.   However, please only use this in case of emergency.  Other contact can be made via the usual email address  
It may be necessary to make changes to these arrangements as the week progresses.  I will keep you updated via our SchoolPing app and our website.
Thankyou for your continued understanding.
Mr K Seed
PS:  Wednesday’s trip to The Lion King is still scheduled to go ahead.

Glebe School, Hawes Lane, West Wickham, Bromley, Kent, BR4 9AE

020 8777 4540